posted 18 November 2019

Between Love & Fear – Solo show at TM Lighting Gallery

TM Lighting Gallery announces Between Love and Fear, a solo

exhibition by British sculptor George Triggs


Exhibition dates 5th December 2019 – 28th February 2020



posted 18 November 2019

Ifton Colliery Commemorative Project

So happy and proud to have created a sculpture that means so much to so many, keep having to remind myself it’s all definitely real!

I‘m so grateful I was given this opportunity to remember the miner’s and all they did for so many, their spirit, their big hearts, immense bravery always lived on and now they rightly have a symbol of all of this that will hopefully share that far and wide for generations to come! I have worked with the most incredible, hard working and lovely people on this sculpture! The committee have astounded me in their tireless efforts to make all this possible! Castle fine arts bronze foundry have been truly world class as always! Friends and family have supported me through so much and I’m so truly thankful!

posted 29 November 2012

Founders Sculpture Prize 2012/13 Winner!!!

This maquette below only 26cm high was my entry. Started winners half life-size version on Monday!!! Bigger, better, awesome, ace!!!

posted 29 November 2012

“collision ll”

A new unique piece cast in bronze at Castle Fine Arts. Will put more and better pictures in website gallery when I have a photo studio again. The builders are in which means no photo studio but does mean by February I will have warm, beautiful studio and house!!

posted 29 November 2012

“moment before”

Life-size basketball sculpture “moment before” situated on the weir gate platform at Pultenery Bridge, Bath. The sculpture stands over 12 feet, made from a mix of bronze and iron resin, with the supporting arc constructed by Border Fabrications in Oswestry out of stainless steel.

posted 29 November 2012

“collision” at The Ivy Club

My sculpture “collision” is proudly showing at The Ivy Club in London represented by the amazing Beautiful Crime. It was initially exhibited as part of The Lockup which featured some very excellent artists!